Double Cross
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Here’s a short little comic that I did two years back or so while I was struggling through a really rough patch of depression. I took it down after I had gotten through my rough patch but here it is again to archive it.

I really loved this setting and the characters but I never had a solid idea of where I was going with them other than Hilde was a red sonja/conan style character and she went on crazy adventures.

I kinda like this long page format I did, it let me do three or four rows of panels and made for some more interesting layouts.

i would definitely have to charge for NSFW recordings but my voice is too distinct for me to even pass it off under a pseudonym without anyone going “oh hey it’s RJ” as they listen

Fic reading? Podfic i mean?

I mean, I could do that if I were putting up commissions but see

1) how much would I charge knowing that I’d have to make SOMETHING off it but also knowing that most of tumblr is not wealthy enough to commission at an acceptable rate

2) it’s a friggin mp3 recording. it’s not like it’s a drawing, or even a musical composition really it’s just me speaking and reading a thing for money. shit, I could do that for absolutely free whenever I get a spur-of-the-moment idea.

you can also do text message alerts, ringtones etc. but i mean

i haven’t seen anyone be ridiculously successful at commissioning their vocal talents unless i live under a rock or something :\

How does VA commissions work?

I don’t think they do, really. :|

I may have to take donations/voice acting commissions/sell my body soon because wowee *looks at shit i need to pay for*





So like… randomly today I started wondering because my headcanon for Kanaya looks nothing like me, what it come out like if I draw a Kanaya who looks a bit more like me…

And then I started wondering… what if ALL the characters looked kinda  like the CoLab members who voice them and….


Oh my god.

This is stupid.

I should stop.





Bow before your new headcanons!

(Please don’t think that was a serious statement).

I look really cute js.


not finished with these yet and i still have more to do/to do WITH them but wanted to give a sneak peek of some gayliens! stuff i’m workin on!

i’ll probably delete l8r