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30 Days of Fighting Games! Days Eight and Nine

8 - Favorite Female Character?

All my favorite female characters I chose because I thought they were hot, so then I decided to learn how to play them with varying results.

Morrigan Aensland may be mid or low-tier in just about everything she’s been in, from MvC2 and 3 to Vampire Savior,  but I still love playing as her. In VSav she can do tremendous damage by comboing into her Darkness Illusion EX combo, being able to come in at all sorts of angles from the air is fun in general, like all Shoto-esque characters she’s got a decent zoning game and anti-airs, plus, nothing feels more satisfying that landing a Vector Drain on an opponent. Also, dat figure of hers….UNF.

She’s second to another green-haired chick, Tira from the Soul Calibur series. It was easy to notice her in SCIII because she fought with a ring and was wearing next to nothing. Her style of combat is interesting, even if she has very few ways to do damage from long range, and she’s quick as well. I’m hoping in Soul Calibur V that she’ll be a much stronger and much more viable character.

Honorable Mention: Asuka Kazama from Tekken.

9 - Favorite 2v2 team?

Ken/Terry in SvC Chaos. Nothing more needs to be said about these two joining forces. But you know, SFxT, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and TxSF are creating some interesting tag team possibilities…we’ll see.

30 Days of Fighting Games! Day Seven

Who is your favorite male fighting game character?

I’m going to get so much hate for this, but fuck it. This dude.

Ken Masters is a boss motherfucker. He just wakes up, goes out, and wakeup SRKs dudes in the face. But he’s got a lot more than wakeup SRK and Ultra 1. Ken’s got target combos, a decent zoning game (it was definitely better in Super Turbo), that nasty F+MK poke. In 3rd Strike he’s a god damn machine. He’s still decent in the SFIV series but obviously you’d have to be really good at the game in order to make him viable against the likes of the twins and Fei Long in AE - aka, those XBL tactics aren’t going to work against anyone that really knows the matchups.

In Marvel vs Capcom 2, he’s one of the few mid-tiers with an infinite. VDO makes him look as deadly as Magneto in that game - and if you know anything about MvC2, you know that Magneto is just TOO DAMN STRONG.

In short, fuck the haters. Ken Masters gives zero fucks about your weak-ass flowcharts you made. Cause he showers in hundred dollar bills and kicks asses.

A close 2nd place goes to Terry Bogard, also American, also a blonde guy that had a ponytail at one time, with an awesome moveset and the best lines of any 2D fighting game character from the ’90s that I often end up shouting at any given time. It’s a very close 2nd place though. Close enough to almost be a tie. So here’s both of them in one GIF.

30 Days of Fighting Games! Day Six

What is your favorite Namco fighter?

You know, if you don’t take it too seriously, if you put aside the fact that Hilde can ring you out from anywhere, Soul Calibur IV can be a whole lot of fun. Now, that said, that was back in ‘08 before I got serious about fighting games. If SCV turns out to be another game that’s bad competitively, I might not play it as much.

Tekken 6 is good too even if my oki is just FUCKING TERRIBLE, but I’m really looking forward to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 just because LUCHA JULIA.

30 Days of Fighting Games! Days Four and Five

4. Favorite MK Game?

Mortal Kombat 2011, Because it’s the only one I’m any good at. For srs. UMK3 is fun to watch at a high level but it’s just a bit too manic for my already paltry skill level. Mk2 is really fun to play just for fun. I’ve played MKA, and MKvsDC - those easily go in the “least favorite fighting games” as well as “how to bleed a franchise to death slowly”.

5. Favorite Arc System Works fighter?

This is a tough one, because really, I haven’t really “clicked” with any ArcSys fighters - especially BlazBlue - but….I’d have to say Guilty Gear XX Accent Core even if I know literally jack shit about actually playing it other than just Sol spam.

30 Days of Fighting Games! Day Three

What’s your favorite SNK fighter?

Garou: Mark of the Wolves - beautiful sprite animations, Tizoc being a badass, Terry being a badass, it’s just so much fun to play - but no one else plays it around here except for my ex-training partners that I’ve severed ties with.

Honorable Mentions include: Samurai Showdown V Special, King of Fighters ‘98 UM, and Breakers Revenge.

I hope KOFXIII is much better than XII was.

30 Days of Fighting Games! Day Two

What is your favorite Capcom fighter?

To watch? SSF4AE, but only between really good players. MvC2, MvC3, and Super Turbo are also very entertaining to watch.

To play seriously? Street Fighter III: Third Strike or Super Street Fighter IV (AE (2012)).

To play for fun? Project Justice.

30 Days of Fighting Games!

Day 1: What was your very first fighting game?

When I first got a PlayStation back when I was like, 7, it came with a demo disc with a bunch of games on it. Tekken 2 was one of those games. In the demo, you can only play as Jun Kazama or Lei Wulong. I remember Marshall Law being especially hard to deal with. I managed to get quite a lot of mileage out of it before moving on to mashing on the MvC1 and Soul Calibur machines at the local arcade, heh.

Side note: I used to think those red hit sparks were actually blood splatters.

30 Days of Fighting Games!



Last month, I said I was going to make one of these “30 Days” challenges after doing one from the gorgeous Ms. Crimson Viper.

After brainstorming a bit, I’ve finally made one!

Here we go:

  1. What was your very first fighting game?
  2. What’s your favorite Capcom fighter?
  3. What’s your favorite SNK fighter?
  4. What’s your favorite Mortal Kombat game?
  5. What’s your favorite Arc System Works fighter?
  6. What’s your favorite Namco fighter?
  7. Who is your favorite male character?
  8. Who is your favorite female character?
  9. What’s your favorite 2v2 team?
  10. What’s your favorite 3v3 team?
  11. Who is your least favorite character?
  12. Which boss character gave you the hardest time?
  13. Which character has the best theme song?
  14. What’s your favorite stage?
  15. What’s your favorite alternate costume?
  16. Which do you prefer: 2D fighters or 3D fighters?
  17. Do you like comeback mechanics? If so, which one?
  18. Which do you prefer: PS3/360 Controller, Pad, or FightStick?
  19. Which fighting game do you believe is the most balanced?
  20. Which new fighting game are you most hyped for?
  21. What’s your favorite special attack?
  22. What’s your favorite combo or infinite to do?
  23. What’s your favorite Super attack?
  24. What’s your favorite Fatality?
  25. What’s your favorite Destroy Attack and/or Astral Finish?
  26. What crossover fighter would you love to see in the future?
  27. Which game would you want first? Darkstalkers 4 or Capcom vs. SNK 3?
  28. Which game would you want first? Guilty Gear X3 or BlazBlue III?
  29. What is your least favorite fighting game?
  30. What is your all-time favorite fighting game?

Have fun, yo!

I’mma do this.

Sure, why not.