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Really sad news.


Morrigan by Boris Maita

FIGHTAN GAEMS CHARACTERS from Saturday at AWA! there were also a few Ryus and a Sean! that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of, sadly!

if you recognize yourself in any of these, do claim the credit for your wonderful cosplays!

Hsien-Ko - nothingofeden


Street Fighter Alpha 3 (CPS2, 1998)
“Triumph or die!” 

It’s more or less common knowledge that of the three games in the Alpha trilogy, the third is the broken one. With an expanded roster, new stages, new music and the ability to choose one of three unique fighting styles, Alpha 3 could have been the best of the bunch. The truth of it, though, is that the V-Ism fighting style completely shatters any semblance of balance the game might have enjoyed. It’s the reason most SF aficionados prefer Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold.

That said, I really, really like Alpha 3. I had the PSOne port when I was a kid and sunk countless hours into the surprisingly in-depth World Tour mode. Mostly, I remember being jazzed that you could play as Cody from Final Fight, and that he had Super moves referencing his skills in that game.

I also believe it has the best attract mode of any arcade game. You don’t quite get the full effect without the music blasting in your ears, but it’s easily one of the most kinetic openings I’ve ever seen. There’s just so much stuff happening, so much flying past you, so much raw energy. It just makes you want to slap your quarter on the dash and get to fighting… Which, of course, is the desired effect.

Midwest Championships 2012


Location:  Nashville, TN, USA
Date:  June 22-24, 2012
Game:  Street Fighter X Tekken, Super Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Soul Calibur 5, King of Fighters 13, Mortal Kombat 9
Prize $: 

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The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set Is Effing Beautiful.

Twenty-five years!? You have no idea how old that makes me feel right now. This $150 limited edition set comes with the following:

  • Past and Present Street Fighter Games – Playable on current gen PS3™ and Xbox 360 console systems, the four critically-acclaimed titles selected from the star-studded catalog are: Super Street Fighter® II Turbo HD RemixStreet Fighter® III 3rd Strike Online EditionSuper Street Fighter® IV Arcade Edition with all costume DLC, and Street Fighter® X Tekken® including all character and Swap Costume DLC.
  • Exclusive Video – The two-disc Blu-Ray set includes a documentary that highlights the profound influence the franchise has had on fans - and vice versa - throughout the years. The collection of videos also includes Street Fighter®IV and Super Street Fighter®IV Anime movies as well as all episodes of the Street Fighter animated series and Street Fighter®II: The Animated Movie.
  • Light-up Ryu Statue – A specially commissioned and highly-detailed collectable Ryu statue stands prominently at 8” tall and features the iconic character in mid-Shoryuken, with flames lit from below.
  • 11-Disc SoundtrackStreet Fighter game music spanning the past 25 years, in addition to remixes and fan-created music inspired by past Street Fighter games .
  • 64-page Hardcover Art Book – A tribute to Street Fighter game fans from all over the world, the art book includes fan pieces submitted by professional and aspiring artists alike.
  • Ryu’s Belt – Created to regulation specs, the full-size martial arts black belt is a replica of the one Ryu wears and even includes his classic “Fūrinkazan” in kanji!
  • Certificate of Authenticity – Each Collector’s Set comes individually numbered complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Considering how much bank Capcom is going to make off this, I’m hoping they’ll chill out with shoving overpriced DLC down our throats for a while. Also, I’m buying twelve of these.

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY FUCKING MONEY (even if I own most of the games already)

Skullgirls is brilliant


To anyone hesitating because of the artstyle or whatever. Get it. Now.

1. It’s 15 dollars for a full fighting game (Though with a slightly bare-bones training mode… everything else - The Important Stuff - is polished!)

2. It’s by Mike Z. He is a respected member of the community, and knows what the players want in a fighting game.

3. If you’re still not convinced, go look up episode 8 of First Attack w/ James Chen.

4. Dat soundtrack.

Custom team sizes. Custom assist options. Infinite combo prevention system. Unblockable prevention system.

This. Game.

Actually, I love the art style and the animation in this game on top of all that.

Also, GGPO-powered netplay, which is the best that any developer can use in their games right now - ignore the idiots that say it doesn’t work because of 3rd Strike Online Edition’s buggy programming.