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Atlus on KOFXIII Netcode


“One of the highest priorities, if not THE highest priority for developers and for Atlus was to create a smooth, stable online experience because that wasn’t necessarily the case with the last game of the series. We’ve been doing tests worldwide, we’ve been doing online tests with press in San Francisco and everything looks really, really good and we’re really excited to show the fans. The one thing we don’t have and I want to be clear just so people don’t feel misled, and we’ve said it before, is there is no spectator mode. I know that’s disappointing for some fans but the focus is on the best netcode, not only in the series, but netcode where you can’t poke any holes evewhen you’re looking at other fighters in history. That’s been the primary focus.

But Ignition used this same netcode for KOFXII.

But really, how stupid is Atlus for not using GGPO netcode in KOF13?
30 Days of Fighting Games! Day Three

What’s your favorite SNK fighter?

Garou: Mark of the Wolves - beautiful sprite animations, Tizoc being a badass, Terry being a badass, it’s just so much fun to play - but no one else plays it around here except for my ex-training partners that I’ve severed ties with.

Honorable Mentions include: Samurai Showdown V Special, King of Fighters ‘98 UM, and Breakers Revenge.

I hope KOFXIII is much better than XII was.

dem English VAs