Double Cross


Singapore 2014

Jean-Eric Vergne’s 2014 Singapore Helmet


Young & restless.


Different generations but the same name: Prost, Senna and Piquet


three car teams doesn’t seem that ridiculous of a notion tbh

more inter-team competition and the teams with bigger budgets having more cars would hopefully mean even more drivers in competitive cars

idk that’s just what I’m thinking about this

It’s the smaller teams that typically give the first drives to younger talent when big-budgeted teams would rather go with the most expensive veteran on the grid - a driver like Hamilton or Magnussen breaking in with McLaren Mercedes is an absolute anomaly in the grand scheme of things. These small teams don’t quit the sport because the company’s head of auto sales needs to find a way to increase the profit margin - it happened with Ford, Toyota, Honda, and BMW in a span of five years, and Mercedes-Benz and Renault damn near joined them. And even if you slashed Marussia, Caterham, Sauber, and Lotus - well, someone’s still got to finish last. Whose to say if it happened to Ferrari or McLaren or Red Bull or whomever, if they were to be the 8th best team of 8, that they wouldn’t take their ball and go home?

There are so many more negatives to losing three teams, six grid slots, hundreds of jobs, etc. in Formula 1 that it completely outweighs the potential positives of an Alonso/Raikkonen/Bianchi trio at Ferrari.

Prize money distribution has to be fixed, and the minnows have to survive in this sport.


Italian Grand Prix